Anansi and Tiger: The Pretty Fish Basket Story


One day Brother Anansi goes to the seaside and to his surprise,
he catches many types of fishes. On the way home a hungry
Brother Tiger awaits because he desperately wants some food
to eat. Will the spider man share his wonderful fish catch
with the big hungry cat?

Find out what happens next in this thrilling
and hilarious Anansi adventure.

Read and enjoy this traditional Anansi story and be amazed
by the magnificent illustrations. Also find out how the crafty
spider man is finally able to outwit the ferocious feline.

This storybook is full of fun for young readers.

Title: Anansi and Tiger: The Pretty Fish Basket Story
ISBN: 978-1-990380-51-8
Number of pages: 32 pages
Author: Al Campbell
Illustrator: Vincenza Michelle
Publisher: Guava Press
Language: English

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