Music Master Notes


This full-colour and attractively designed workbook is a simple step-by-step guide to learn music notes and symbols. Learn basic music symbols, Staff (Stave), Treble Clef (G Clef), Bass Clef (F Clef), Whole Note (Semibreve), Treble Clef Staff Lines, Treble Clef Staff Spaces, Bass Clef Staff Lines, Bass Clef Staff Spaces, Half Note (Minim), Quarter Note (Crotchet), Eighth Note (Quaver), Sixteenth Note (Semiquaver), Whole Note Rest (Semibreve Rest), Half Note rest (Minim Rest), Quarter Note Rest (Crotchet Rest), Eighth Note Rest (Quaver Rest), Sixteenth Note Rest (Semiquaver Rest), Measure and Value (Beats in 4/4 time)

Title : Music Master Notes
ISBN : 978-1-927395-38-7
Number of pages : 64 pages

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