Pretty Rat Bat


Rat Bat! Do you know him?

Children will be curious to read about Rat Bat,
a Jamaican fruit-eating bat, who goes out
to forage after dusk.

Join Pearlie as she listens to her brother Peter’s
retelling of a traditional Taino tale about how
Rat Bat found many faults with his looks.

Rat Bat thought he was ugly because he didn’t like
his pointy ears, long nose, and warty lips. The poor
mammal wanted to be pretty like a bird.

So what did Rat Bat do to improve his looks?

Read and enjoy this mythical story about learning
how to be content with what you have, as well as
admire the charming illustrations, and understand
why stealing is never a good thing to do.

This storybook is perfect for early readers.

Title: Pretty Rat Bat
ISBN: 978-1-990380-45-7
Number of pages: 32 pages
Author: Al Campbell
Illustrator: Vania Saphira Wijaya
Publisher: Guava Press
Language: English

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