Rollie Rose and the Jonkonnu Parade


Christmas time is here and Rollie Rose is
excited to take part in a Jonkonnu parade.
What’s her role? What does she have to
prepare? And what will she wear?

For Rollie Rose, her family, and friends,
there are many things to do and
excitement is in the air!

Children will have fun reading about this
fascinating traditional Jamaican parade.

Read and enjoy this thrilling Rollie Rose story,
admire the vibrant illustrations, and learn
how we can all treasure our cultural heritage.

This storybook is perfect for early readers.

Title: Rollie Rose and the Jonkonnu Parade
ISBN: 978-1-990380-22-8
Number of pages: 32 pages
Author: Al Campbell
Illustrator: Anaelle Moorghen
Publisher: Guava Press
Language: English

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