Rollie Rose and the Kinpuppalick


Kinpuppalick! Say what? What’s that?

Children will delight in reading about
Kinpuppalick, the Jamaican word for
somersaults. Say it, Kinpuppalick!

Join Rollie Rose as she enjoys doing
amazing somersaults. She loves to do
body flips but only when she gets a
new friend does she discover another
word for her fun activity — Kinpuppalick!

Read and enjoy this rollicking Rollie Rose
story of true friendship and carefree fun
that’s perfect for early readers.

Title: Rollie Rose and the Kinpuppalick
ISBN: 978-1-990380-08-2
Number of pages: 32 pages
Author: Al Campbell
Illustrator: Anaelle Moorghen
Publisher: Guava Press
Language: English

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