When Kiddy was Home Alone


“This is the story of when Kiddy was home alone.
On that fateful day the goat wandered and roamed.”

Go along with Kiddy on her crazy adventures as
she enters Boysie’s home and wreaks havoc
everywhere. The naughty she-goat makes a
mess in the kitchen, plays dress-up, takes a bath
and gets into some really BIG trouble!

Find out about Kiddy’s many calamities on that
eventful day.

Read and learn simple rhymes, as well as admire
the amusing and charming illustrations.

This storybook is perfect for early readers.

Title: When Kiddy was Home Alone
ISBN: 978-1-990380-18-1
Number of pages: 32 pages
Author: Al Campbell
Illustrator: Roberta Chang
Publisher: Guava Press
Language: English

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